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AMZ Financial

Crack the Corporate Door and Promote Employee Financial Wellness

financial-wellness-at-work-Work with One New Small-Business and Their Employees Each Month

If you want to work with one new small-business owner and their employees each month, check out the Financial Wellness@Work program. In this onDemand webinar, we're unveiling our secrets to cracking the corporate door and showing you how we put you in front of one new small-business owner each month so you can promote financial wellness and sell life insurance and annuities to their employees.

This onDemand webinar shows you a proven and effective worksite marketing program. In this onDemand webinar we cover how we:

  • Gain access to employer groups
  • Show you how to provide valuable financial wellness education
  • Lock out other advisors
  • Plus, sell more life, annuity and financial products than you ever thought possible

Watch the onDemand webinar now to obtain valuable information on the Financial Wellness at Work program and discover how you can crack the corporate door ... before another advisor beats you to it.

Gain Access to the Business Market