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Start Selling 180℠ Today!


Why Selling 180℠?

If you want to be a successful financial professional in today's environment, and learn the industry's selling secrets, you need to consider transitioning from a pure product presentation to a comprehensive, nontraditional sales technique.  Selling 180 flips the old-school selling styles and instead it incorporates the secrets used by the world's most successful sales people. You'll learn:

  • How to control the selling process by directing your prospects' behavior
  • Why prospects lie and what questions will uncover the "real" truth
  • Why it's wrong to do research or prepare illustrations when a prospect asks
  • Why jumping to do favors for customers spoils your relationship
  • How to conduct yourself in every selling situation to generate results

Transform Your Selling Environment 

Selling 180 transforms your practice simply by putting you in complete control of the selling environment while you skillfully guide prospects through the sales process. Request the no-obligation, complimentary ebook Three Secrets to An Amazing Client Interview to see how Selling 180 can transform your practice.

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