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Join Our Preferred Producer Group

prefered-producer-nobutton.pngEarn 105% on Your IUL Sales Plus Additional Bonuses

Join the Preferred Producer Group through AMZ Financial, and you'll receive up to 105% on your IUL Sales. We know how important it is for the independent producer to have a group of carriers to select from so you can offer the best product to fit the specific needs of the client.

Now with the Preferred Producer Group, we offer the top-rated and most popular IUL products ... and we'll pay 105% on your IUL production. The program rewards top-tier insurance professionals when they sell Indexed Universal Life (IUL) through AMZ Financial. To learn more, complete the form on this page. Then once your contracting is complete every sale through qualifying carriers adds up to significant bonuses.

Jump In Our Bonus Pool

The Preferred Producer Group builds a bonus pool based on all paid quarterly target premium from the producers in the Preferred Producer Group. At the end of the quarter, qualifying agents receive a bonus based on their share of pool (see example on below).

Bonus Example:

  • The Group's paid target premium for the quarter is $1,000,000
  • Bonus pool is 3% of all target premium for the quarter: $30,000
  • Three producers cross the $25,000 paid target threshold so they split the $30,000 based on their percentage contribution to the pool
    • Agent 1: $50,000 of paid target receives $4,615 bonus
    • Agent 2: $75,000 of paid target receives $6,923 bonus
    • Agent 3: $200,000 of paid target receives $18,462 bonus

To qualify for the bonus pool each quarter, simply hit $25,000 of paid target premium. At the end of the quarter, you are entitled to your share of the bonus pool. You receive the bonus in the following pay cycle. Start earning 105% or more on your IUL business by joining our Preferred Producer Group. Start the process by completing the form on this page.






Carrier and product list is available upon request. This program excludes products sold in New York. Additional restrictions may apply. Program availability subject to change at any time and without notice. 

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