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Pre-Set IUL Appointments Are Better
Than LeadsWork Pre-set IUL Appointments

We Create the Appointment -- You Close the Sale.
Now You Can Work a Steady Stream of IUL Appointments!

For years agents have struggled to find potential IUL clients, until now. With the Pre-Set IUL Appointment program from AMZ Financial you have one of the most cost-efficient prospecting programs available, and you can qualify to receive an extra $1,500 every month to help offset your prospecting costs. Plus we have the perfect IUL product that compliments this program.

Honestly, other prospecting programs require a lot more work, and you’re never sure if it will lead to an appointment. Instead of conducting seminars, workshops or sending direct mail and hoping someone responds, this programs delivers appointments that are ready to be worked.

We’re so confident that these pre-set IUL appointments will lead to IUL sales that when you reach $50,000 in paid target IUL premium with our featured IUL carriers, we’ll reimburse you $1,500. As a direct agent we reward you so you can to continue to work more appointments and grow your business.

The affluent are attracted to this offer, and this turn-key, Pre-Set IUL Appointment program does all the heavy lifting … you just work the cases, present the best IUL product, and submit the business.

Complete the form to learn more about this program, and how you can qualify to receive an extra $1,500 each month to help offset the costs of your prospecting program

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