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Mark Triplett
Chief Business Development Officer

Mark Triplett believes that there are good, honest, and ethical servants in the financial services industry whose desire is to enrich the lives of those with whom they come in contact. These men and women want to give back to the communities they serve and want to have a profound impact on those communities, both professionally and personally.  With simple changes, attention to detail and a consistent process, these financial representatives can serve their communities in an extraordinary way and be the envy of their competitors.

Mark is passionate about providing support that elevates each representative to his or her fullest potential. As an investment advisor, insurance agent and Certified Financial Educator (CFEd®) himself, Mark also operates a retail practice with a business partner. He understands the challenges that financial professionals face first-hand with prospecting, client meetings, product selection, and customer service.

Mark knows that by developing superior advisers, they can share life-changing strategies that will positively affect their clients across the country. All communities need advisors who will lead their clients to identify their problems, take accountability, and then empower them to make decisions and take action.  Advisors who have been open-minded and willing to follow proven processes have experienced a transformation of their business, and their lives, thanks to Mark.

Mark, his wife Melinda and son Hunter live in Polk City, IA. They enjoy boating, alpine skiing, and organic gardening as well as many other outdoor activities.

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Consistent Advisor


Double Your Production - Guaranteed

We guarantee that the Consistent Advisor coaching and marketing support will double your production in 12 months without tricks or gimmicks. Prospecting alone doesn't drive sales. To make more sales you need to effectively convert prospects into clients. Consistent Advisor provides you with the tools, tips and techniques to be a better advisor. In fact when properly implemented, you will sell more life and annuity products than you ever thought imaginable.

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Business and Practice Management


My First TakeTM 


Receive 10 Custom-Created Videos for Free

More and more people today go online to research an advisor prior to working with them.  If you have a website or social media account (Facebook), you need professional consumer-focused videos you can share. As a contracted producer with AMZ Financial, we provide you with 10 custom-created professional videos you can use. This valuable service will elevate your website and social media profile ... and we provide it all at no cost to our producers.


See a 200% ROI On Your Marketing


Automatically Nurture Your Leads Into Clients 

Prospecting 365 automates your prospecting and client management efforts 365 days-a-year. Now you can stay in constant contact with your leads, prospects and clients ... and because you nurture these relationships, when they're ready to make a financial decision they turn to you for help. Learn how you can have a 275% Return on Investment (ROI) by using a predictable and automated way to grow and nurture your business every day of the year.


Are You Up For An Adventure? 


Adventure Club

Adventure Club is one of the most exclusive life insurance meetings that has also been proven effective in increasing our agent’s production and giving you the opportunity to network with the best-of-the-best.  Adventure Club brings together the top producers at AMZ Financial, and allows them to share ideas, build stronger relationships, learn best practices and most importantly have fun.


Keep Your Lead Funnel Filled


A Practical Guide for Financial Professional

As an advisor, you should explore and use multiple strategies to fill your lead funnelTo become a successful insurance producer, you must first develop a long-term marketing plan and most importantly, commit financial resources to see that plan through. This book shows you the five most effective and proven ways to fill your sales funnel.

Consistent AdvisorTM


Double Your Production - Guaranteed

We guarantee that the Consistent Advisor coaching and marketing support will double your production in 12 months without tricks or gimmicks. Prospecting alone doesn't drive sales. To make more sales you need to effectively convert prospects into clients. Consistent Advisor provides you with the tools, tips and techniques to be a better advisor. In fact when properly implemented, you will sell more life and annuity products than you ever thought imaginable.


Share A Free IUL Video
video-1-6-animate.gifGet A Free IUL Client Prospecting Video

Many hard-working people today are setting aside money for retirement, but most of them may be making a huge mistake.  Not only are there major risks in the traditional retirement approach, what many people don't realize that it may not be the amount of money they're saving for retirement, but where they're saving it that matters most. This video encourages the prospect to look for a strategy with more benefits and less risk.


Start Selling IUL Virtually


The Five Keys to Selling IUL Virtually

With a good work ethic and the right knowledge, in the next 90 days you could make $32,000 to $150,000 selling IUL virtually in today's tech-driven world. Many advisors struggle getting in front of the right target market for IUL, until now. Download this valuable e-book "The Five Keys to Selling IUL Virtually" and you'll discover a better way to prospect and grow your business.


Six Strategies to Sell More IUL


Six Strategies to IUL Sales Success

Each and every top advisor or producer that sells Indexed Universal Life (IUL) helps their clients realize that IUL is the only life insurance product that can meet the needs of those looking for significant cash-value accumulation potential, along with guarantees that protect their earnings from market volatility. In fact, according to LIMRA, IUL sales continue to grow and gain market share. Get the eBook now.

Prospecting Opportunities


IUL Client Presentation


Present The Case for IUL

Today, more and more people save money in qualified 401(k) plans and they don't realize the problems that these plans create.  If they only knew a better way ... and this proven client presentation helps the prospect see the value in purchasing an IUL policy. Request access to this amazing presentation that you can use in face-to-face meetings or workshops to clearly convey how IUL is a solid way to supplement their retirement savings.


3-For-1 Prospecting Offer


If you are growing your insurance business by conducting prospecting workshops or dinner seminars we have some great news for you. We offer the 3-for-1 workshop incentive.  Here's how it works, if you pay for three prospecting workshops, and then place premium from those workshop programs, we will reimburse you for your fourth workshop. Learn more now.


Max My Social Security Benefits


Know the Rules -- Dominate the Game

Do you want to generate more sales through the most proven seminar system we’ve ever seen? This turn-key program generates on average 40 prospects. Then approximately 90% of those attendees set one-on-one appointments. When they come in, you help find solutions to their income planning needs. Your clients crave this valuable information, because the difference between a good election decision and a poor one is regularly more than $100,000 in income.


Enjoy Prospecting that Works

Prospecting that Works

Learn about a break-away prospecting opportunity that gives you more qualified people to see. We've thoroughly vetted this program and we know from first-hand experience that it generates results. As you know, some prospecting programs work better than others, and we're here to say that workshop marketing isn't dead. This program will change the way you look at seminar marketing.

Pre-Set IUL Appointments

Pre-set IUL Appointments

We Create the Appointment -- You Close the Sale

With the Pre-Set IUL Appointment program you have one of the most cost-efficient prospecting program available, and you can qualify to receive an extra $1,500 every month to help offset your prospecting costs. Honestly, other IUL prospecting programs require a lot more work, and you’re never sure if it will lead to an appointment. Instead of conducting seminars, workshops or sending direct mail and hoping someone responds, this programs delivers appointments that are ready to be worked.


Financial Wellness@Work


Crack the Corporate Door

With the Financial Wellness@Work program, we've cracked the code on gaining access through the employers.  In fact, the employers almost beg our advisors to come in and work with their employees.  This isn't a program that promotes a product or worn-out sales pitch.  It's a territory-protected, professional program that generates a constant stream of new prospects. Learn more now!


Use Social Media to Generate Leads

ebook_3d_web.pngGet This Book and Rock the Digital Age

One of the biggest untapped opportunities for you as financial advisor is leveraging all the technological advances available to you such as social media, video production services and web-based leads. To be successful in today’s technology-driven world, you need to have a compelling online presence for your financial services business. By using the tools, tips and strategies mentioned in this ebook, you can effectively use technology to market and grow your financial services business.


One-on-One Appointment Program


Target the High-Net Worth Market

Did you know that seventy percent of higher net-worth prospects will never attend a public seminar event?  That’s why we offer the One-on-One Appointment Program. This program targets individuals with income producing assets in excess of $250,000 and includes a direct-mail offer that generates one-on-one office appointments.


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