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A Proven IUL Sales Presentation

life made easy

If you currently sell, or want to sell Indexed Universal Life (IUL), we can provide you with a direct mail piece to drive prospects to your workshop, and a proven IUL sales presentation. The Life Made Easy℠ program offers you the opportunity to prospect for IUL clients, and work the appointments you set after the workshop.

Choice of Three Different Demographics:

  • Young Professionals (ages 45 and younger)
  • Pre-retirees (ages 45 to 60)
  • Baby boomers (ages 55 - 70)

Conducting one workshop a month results in face-to-face meetings each week. Doing this program will turn you into a rock-star IUL producer.

If you're looking for a proven IUL sales presentation, look no further than Life Made Easy℠.  With Life Made Easy you’ll sell more IUL than you ever thought possible. Complete the form to learn more.

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