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Many hard-working people today are setting aside money for retirement, but most of them may be making a huge mistake.  Not only are there major risks in the traditional retirement approach, what many people don't realize that it may not be the amount of money they're saving for retirement, but where they're saving it that matters most.

This IUL Lead Video:

  • Is short and perfect for sharing on social media
  • Highlights the ticking tax time bomb in qualified plans
  • Encourages the prospect to look for a strategy with more benefits and less risk

Today, more-and-more people save money in qualified 401(k) plans and they don't realize the ticking tax time bomb that these plans create.  If they only knew a better way ... and this video helps set the hook.

Complete the form and you'll get access to this amazing free iul prospecting video you can use either to email to prospects or post to social media to drive interest in a better way to supplement their retirement savings.



Get The Free Prospecting Video