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AMZ Financial


Three-For-One Workshop Offer

If you are doing prospecting we have some great news for you.  We now offer a 3-for-1 prospecting incentive program though AMZ Financial.  Here’s how it works.

When you pay for three prospecting programs through the AMZ Financial online store, and then place premium from those prospecting programs back through us, we will reimburse you for your fourth prospecting program (of equal or lesser value).

Conduct three prospecting programs, then submit:

  • $1 million in annuity production, or
  • $1 million in single premium life, or
  • $100,000 in target IUL premium, or 
  • A combination of premium from multiple products
    (e.g. $500,000 annuity and $50,000 target IUL premium)

We will reimburse you for your fourth prospecting program.

Why Buy Your Prospecting Programs Elsewhere? 

We want your prospecting to succeed. When you purchase through our online agent store, you have the opportunity to dramatically offset your prospecting and marketing costs.

Complete the form to register for our Three-For-One Prospecting Program Offer.


Three-For-One Offer!