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AMZ Financial


Three-For-One Workshop Offer

If you are growing your insurance business by conducting prospecting workshops or dinner seminars we have some great news for you. We offer a 3-for-1 workshop incentive.  Here's how it works, if you pay for three prospecting workshops, and then place premium from those workshop programs, we will reimburse you for your fourth workshop.

Here's the premium breakdown:

  • $1 million in annuity production, or
  • $1 million in single premium life, or
  • $100,000 in IUL, or 
  • A combination of premium from multiple products
    (e.g. $500,000 annuity and $50,000 IUL)

We will reimburse you for your fourth workshop program.

Why Buy Your Prospecting Programs Elsewhere? 

Not only do we offer to pay for your fourth prospecting event, we also give you extra cash back in month in the form of Priority Rewards.  Each month you have the opportunity to earn Annuity-Based Rewards as well as Indexed Universal Life incentives.  Every month we add cash to a VISA Black card, and the more you produce the more you earn.

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Three-For-One Offer!